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The  heritage of  a  society or  group  of  persons  is  inherent  in  their historical past and antecedent. The rich culture and history of Oluoje and his descendants is more prominent in the pre-colonial era as well as the important  role they played in the history of Yorubabut their history is not prominent  in our modern literatures due to the lack of writing that  characterised the  pre-colonial era. The rich  history and  cultural heritage of Oluoje and his descendants particularly in the use of bronze play a dominant role in the economic development of the Yoruba race.

In  modern  time,  the  descendants  of  Oluoje  spreads  across all  the Yoruba speaking nations which covers Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo   and  Kwara States of  Nigeria.  Like other  Yoruba  Kingdoms,

Oluojewhose name is Olurefeset out to found  a new settlement with retinue of servants and relations. In course of his journey, he   sojourn in different places and most the place of his sojourn is named after the event that occurred in such a place and such include EdunAbon and other places that  still bear the name of the events that  occurred during  the sojourn of Olurefe.:

Olurefe on instruction  of Ifa settled on  a large expanse of land that  now spread across the modern  day Ogbomoso  South, OgoOluwaand  Oriire  Local Government Area of Oyo State. The seat of administration of the government of Olurefe (Onpetu) was initially at Obandi the area known after the burial place of Olurefe, after his demise his son; Oganindele moved the seat of government to Oje and subsequently the seat of government was moved to its present location Ijeru within the enclave of the land settled on by Olurefe the progenitor of the Oluoje family.


The descendants of Oluoje are in very kingdom  and settlement of the Yoruba due to their bravery and their expertise in the use of bronze and copper. They are commanders of army which is the predominant  factor that is responsible for their movement from their home to other part of Yoruba race. It is worthy of note that kings of the ancient antiquity do request from reigning Onpetu  to send commanders who are descendants of Oluoje to help fight in war and most of this commanders do stay back in those places.

The history of Oluoje and his descendants cannot be whittle down in the history of the Yoruba race but it is not contained in most of the Yoruba History literatures due to the fact most of the early historiansof Yoruba History give prominence to their society and failed to consider and mention other lineage that played important  role in their kingdom.

It is as a result of the disadvantage that the descendants of Oluoje had suffered in the time past with their role and activities not  be recognized or recorded in the history literature in their different area of settlement that  necessitate the  floating  of this  website which will help to provide common frontier for descendants of Oluoje all over the world and update them as to the event and occurrence in their father’s land; Ijeru.